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Fighting Robots

The World's Best Robot Warriors

Ganker is a small competitive robot designed for maker education and entertainment. With the new technology to carry out various activities like battling, soccer playing, racing and obstacle avoiding.

In each joint of the Ganker robot there is a servo motor, and it is these motors that bring your robot to life. They allow your robot to move naturally and respond precisely to your fighting commands.The driving and direction of the wheels are controlled by a mobile app. Every fighting movement of Ganker can be set by independently, making it a perfect robot for users of all ages.

Service Robots

Meal Delivery Robot - PuduBote

PuduBot is a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. It blends in all kinds of restaurant decorations easily due to its minimalist design. The attraction of a novel dining experience when robots are serving, will surely bring more customers to your restaurant.

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